Business owners play crucial roles in their company’s everyday activities, including providing client services, acting as manager, chief of operations, and head of facilities. One hat that many business owners have to wear is that of financial advisor and bookkeeper – a time-consuming and intricate duty that many are not totally equipped to handle.  If you own a business and are looking for accounting assistance to make sense of your books, Lori A. Carlino, CPA can help. Lori is a licensed certified professional accountant (CPA) with over 20 years of experience in the accounting industry and has helped many small businesses just like yours.

Business Accounting from a CPA

Getting accounting help from a CPA allows you to leverage their wealth of knowledge in the financial industry and in their dealings in helping other small businesses.  Lori A. Carlino, CPA provides the following small business accounting services from office in Cranston, Rhode Island:

Bookkeeping – Successful accounting is built on good record keeping. Lori keeps detailed and accurate accounts of all money that goes into and out of your company. She ensures that all financial documents are carefully tracked so that you have a solid base on which to build a plan for continued financial stability.

Analysis – With your books in excellent shape, Lori can begin to review processes and collected data for areas of improvement. This financial analysis process is part of what sets a simple bookkeeper apart from someone who specializes in business accounting. Lori’s professional experience allows her to provide the insight your business needs to run every day operations more smoothly.

Projection – Securing your business’ future means using your current financial documents to get ahead. As a small business accountant, Lori can help your business establish a tax and accounting plan that helps you keep your doors open and your employees and customers happy.

Lori’s goal is to get you back to what you do best – running your business. With accounting help from a CPA, you don’t have to spend your valuable time trying to make sense of your books and where your company is headed next.

Small Business Accounting Expertise

Lori takes a hands-on approach to helping small businesses. She works closely with you and your team so that these services can adapt to fit your business’ needs as it grows and develops.  Lori bases her accounting services around what your company needs most in order to be truly effective. With 20 years dedicated to accounting services for small businesses locally and nationwide, Lori A. Carlino, CPA is there when you need her.

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